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Cleanroom Partitions
  • SRSE Cleanroom Technologies Hyderabad | HVAC Services Company  Hyderabad
  • SRSE Cleanroom Technologies Hyderabad | HVAC Services Company  Hyderabad

SRSE offers wide variety of cleanroom wall panels to the industry in : order to accommodate a variety of modular cleanroom applications.



Air Cleanliness

Wall System suitable for ISO 5 (Class 100) to ISO 8 (Class 100,000)

Modular Wall System (Non-progressive & progressive)


A Non-progressive system alows easy installation & dismantling of panels


A progressive is suitable for cleanrooms which need minimal / no changes in future

Modular Walkable ceiling with standard load bearing capacity

Loads up to 180Kg/m2

Factory Made Cut-outs

Cut-outs as per requirement to accommodate filter housings, light fixtures, diffusers, electrical sockets, pendants, riser grills etc.

Emergency Exit Panel (Single Glass)

The Glass can be broken to make a way to exit in case of emergency.

Suitable for wide Cleanroom Applications in

Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceutical applications require panels that can withstand repeated cleaning and sanitization with various chemicals tc resist microbial and fungal growth over prolonged periods of time.

Custom: We offer Pre-painted, powder coated & SS304 panels as per client's requirement.

Microelectronics: Aluminium honeycomb panels tend to be the most popular wall panels chosen for microelectronics cleanrooms

Options of PUF/PIR Rockwool Insulations

Safety is more important we provide extra attention towards installation and safety


Air Cleanliness

Class 100 to Class 100,000

Material of Construction

Pre-coated or Coated GI Aluminium • SS


Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Rockwool • PIR


Epoxy polyester/Pure polyester painted galvanized steel sheet

Density of Insulation Material

PUF - 40 2 - Kg/m3 Rockwool

48/96/144 Kg/m3